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Last updated: Thu Aug 01 17:21:44 1996


Boston singer/songwriter Janet LaValley--who rose to prominence as the lead vocalist in the Boston Music Award-winning musical combo, Tribe--and her band (Norm DeMoura, guitars; Dennis Ambrose, bass; and Perry James, drums) recently completed work on Janet's debut solo album at New York's Electric Lady studios with vaunted producer Youth (of Killing Joke repute). Now, as anyone who's worked with the man will tell you, Youth is the ultimate conjurer of "vibes" in the studio, pulling up for sessions with a satchel full of arcane talismans, mystic totems, eerie objets of unknown--& possibly extraterrestrial--origin, candles, incense, and tapestries.

According to LaValley, Youth would glow with an inner peace & unerring instinctual acumen whenever their sessions would be joined by Jimi, the feline mascot of the studio (dubbed after Electric Lady's most illustrious alumnae, Jimi Hendrix). There are those who believe the cat is possessed by the spirit of its' namesake & the "vibe" on Janet's new album might just offer a kind of proof of that claim. Tracks on the record are: "Dirigible," "Make Me Dance (Song of Salome)," "It's All Right With Me," "Unwind," "Pearls Before Swine," "Settle Down," "Queen of the World," "Turn The World Back," "Open My Eyes," "Doing What You Do," "Don't Touch Me," and "Lies."

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